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The Dangles Eye Center Optical is conveniently located within our office for you to shop for your eyewear right before or after you see one of the Dangles Eye Center physicians.  Of course, the optical shop can also accommodate your eyewear needs if you have a prescription from any ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Jan, our licensed optician, has filled prescriptions and provided unmatched service for over 25 years. She can help you choose the best frames and lenses to suit your individual needs.

We are constantly changing our selection of frames so that you get the most up to date fashions available.  We also offer the latest technology of lenses and options.

The Dangles Eye Center Optical carries the latest fashions in eyewear from many famous designers including:

Jan will take time to help you with your frame selection and make product recommendations to give you a pair of glasses that are not only functional but fashionable as well.

In the selection process, we understand that it may be difficult in seeing yourself in the new frames. We have a webcam where we can photograph you in various frames, easing your decision process.

By discussing your lifestyle with our doctors and optician we can provide you with the most unique combination of lenses and options to fulfill your needs.

Optical Shop Policies

Eyeglasses Benefits after Cataract Surgery

Medicare will help cover the cost of one pair of eyeglasses, per cataract surgery. These glasses may be bifocals, trifocals, reading glasses, or sunglasses. As a courtesy to our surgical patients our office will file the claim for your new eyeglasses with Medicare. Jan, our optician, will be happy to discuss this benefit with you.

Frame Warranty

All frames purchased come with a one-year defect/breakage warranty. All breakages must be normal wear and tear. We will either repair or replace your frame with the same frame at no charge (all parts of broken frame must be presented at time of return). If a frame has been discontinued during the warranty period we will replace it with an equivalent value frame at no charge (does not include lenses). We are unable to extend this warranty to frames purchased elsewhere.

Lenses Warranty

We will verify your prescription. If you are having a problem with your new prescription, please come into the optical center within 30 days. If we are unable to find a solution we will schedule you to see the doctor again for a reevaluation. All lenses purchased have a one-year defect warranty (i.e. scratch resistance, should the physician find that a change in lens is required we will provide a one time replacement at no charge, lens coatings, anti-glare coating, etc. under normal wear and tear). We will replace the lenses at no charge. Breaking and chipping of lenses is not included.

Progressive Lenses

We understand that some patients required time to adapt to progressive lenses. If you are having difficulty with the lenses we ask that you speak to our optician. Adjustments may be necessary. If within 30 days you are not comfortable wearing your lenses, we will be happy to replace the lenses at no charge to either a lined bifocal, lined trifocal or single vision lenses.

Return Policy

A return must be made within 30 days of delivery date. Frame must be in perfect resale condition. We will refund 100% cost of your frame and since your prescription was a custom order we will refund 50% of the lenses.

Reusing Existing Frames

Because a frame may crack or break when inserting new lenses, we can not be responsible for any damage to your frame if you choose to use your existing frame. Regardless of condition or age of the frame, this disclosure applies to any existing frames being reused at your request.


Full payment is due at the time of order.  We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Vision Care

We are not a participating provider of any insurance plans. However, if your plan allows you to go out of network we can complete the forms for your reimbursement.

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Optical Shop

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